I like the simplicity of this article. Very poignant for me at this time. I’m not trying to be a freelance writer, I only get to write 4–6 articles a month, but it’s nice to earn something. It’s nice to hear a more realistic story (as opposed to “I make $25,000 a month”.)

I started writing in earnest in September, 2019. I’m embarrassed by my early ones back to June. I’m learning. Of 38 articles, about half are curated in their appropriate tech topics and I only make about $150 a month from my stories. But stories like yours give me hope that at some point, it might be possible to pay my mortgage.

I set earning goals. My first was for medium to pay for itself. Then it was to pay for a certain bill. Now its to pay for three bills. My next goal is to be able to make a car payment should the need arise.

Thank you for this article.

Self-Employed Software Developer, Trainer, Consultant. Keeping up to date. I’ve noticed in over 28 years of programming, one’s current skills have a shelf life.

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