Database Tips

Get, Add and Remove JSON Objects from an Array

Source: PostgreSQL Wiki

What We Will Do

  • Get all Objects in the Array.
  • Get a specific Object from the Array by position in the Array. When the position is known and when we have to discover it.
  • Add a json Object to the Array.
  • Remove a specific Object from the Array.
  • Added 1/5/2021 —…

JavaScript Tips

It’s about all keeping promises.

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The .map() Method Of An Array

The map() method creates a new array populated with the results of calling a provided function on every element in the calling array.

const array1 = [1, 4, 9, 16]
// pass a function to map
const map1 = …

Working with JavaScript Objects

Using a JavaScript Set with the Spread operator and JavaScript Array methods .map() and .sort()

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The Problem To Be Solved

Use Case

Component-Based Development

Get started using a React framework.

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  • What Next.js is and how it is different from just React.
  • What server-side rendering is.
  • How to Bootstrap a Next.js application.
  • The basics of creating routes.
  • Using React components.


Tools and Setup

React Tips

React form state management without the useState() Hook.

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What is React Final Form?

Who uses React Final Form?

Source Control

Get a local copy of your favorite JavaScript developer’s public code and run it on your local machine.

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What We Will Do

NPM Packages

Create an account in the NPM registry, write some code for your package and publish

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What We Will Do

  • Create an NPM registry account.
  • Write some code that will become your NPM package.
  • Test this locally.
  • Add module.exports to export what will be made available in your package to those who install it.
  • Publish your package to the NPM registry.
  • Test your NPM package by using npm install.

Database Tips

Create, get(as list and rows), modify, add and remove data from an Array

What We Will Do

Database Tips

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Database Tips

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